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A hearty welcome to the website of Dakshinee, the leading music school of Kolkata well known for its heritage and refinement, having global branches and affiliations. Founded in late ’40s, Dakshinee offers a choice of subjects like Tagore Songs and forms of Indian Classical Dance.


Tagore Music (Adults)

5 (Five) Years Course

Tagore Music (Children)

Adya, Madhya, Anta, Special

Dancing (Adults)

Manipuri, Kathakali and Bharat-Natyam

4 (Four) Years Course

Dancing (Children)

Manipuri, Kathakali and Bharat-Natyam

Adya, Madhya, Anta, Special

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NOTICE: Teachers for Mumbai branch
'SRIJON', Dakshinee's branch in Mumbai, is expanding very fast. For its various branches in Mumbai, it needs qualified teachers, having excellent Diploma Exam results from Dakshinee only. Intersted persons are to contact Mr. Sudeb Guha Thakurta at +91 98300 12120 or Mrs Kamalika Guha Thakurta at +91 98202 85996 with full self-details for verification and interview purposes.
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