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SUBJECTS: Rabindra Sangeet and Indian Classical Dance

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Payments for any one subject (in Rs., for the Year 2018-2019):-

Annual One-time Payment :            
Admission Fee    :    Rs.290.00        
Electricity Fee    :    Rs.200.00        
Library Fee    :    Rs.180.00        
Social Fee    :    Rs.180.00        
Total One-time Payment    :    Rs.850.00        
Monthly Payment :   ONE SUBJECT or 2 SUBJECTS    
School Fee    :    Rs.200.00   Rs.400.00    
Founder's Centenary Fee    :    Rs.50.00   Rs.100.00    
Platinum Jubilee Fee    :    Rs.50.00   Rs.100.00    
Building Fund Fee    :    Rs.50.00   Rs.100.00    
Total Monthly Payment    :    Rs.350.00 or Rs.700.00    
NETT FOR THE FIRST MONTH    :    Rs.1,200.00 or Rs.1,550.00    
For present students :            
First month    :    Rs.910.00 or Rs.1,260.00   (NO ADMISSION FEE REQUIRED)
Thereafter Monthly    :    Rs.350.00 or Rs.700.00    

Sudeb Guha Thakurta

For further details, please contact our Office-Phone No. (033) 2464-1111

Qualifications :

Children (Dance) : Minimum Class - I.
Children (Vocal) : Minimum Class - II.

Adults : Minimum Class - IX of educational qualification.
No upper limit of age.

Click here to view Admission Rules & Regulations.

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