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During the period May 02 to May 05 in 2018, this site has undergone a major makeover. It has been transformed to the latest, mobile friendly responsive design in html5 version from the old html design that had been running for long many years. There were so many updates and modifications during this long journey of the site, but the basic design never changed.

Now it's good news for the visitors, because this new design will automatically adjust all kinds of page contents like text, charts, columns, images, etc according to the size and width of your device, whether is be a smartphone, an iphone, a tab, a laptop or a desktop PC with no horizontal scrolling required anywhere unless you drag or enlarge something to view greater details.

However, it may be noted, that some of the archived very old pages (which are hardly required or never required to view), have not been modified, and in case you ever encounter such a page somewhere in the site, you may not find it so comfortable on all devices. In the olden days, when mobile surfing did not exist, all sites used to be designed with only desktop PC in mind.

In case you need any further clarification, please feel free to contact the service provider through a visit to their website or by sending them a mail.

You may also click HERE to go to the response page of the service provider.

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