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Publications, Periodicals & Journals :

Dakshinee’s publications speak for themselves in matters of heritage and memories of golden days...

Rabindrasangeeter Dhara

At the time when Dakshinee came into existence, popular idea about Tagore's musical compositions was very rudimentary and vague. It was in response to this that Suvo Guha Thakurta wrote the book titled 'Rabindrasangeeter Dhara' in 1950, to educate people about the richness and variety of his compositions and their classification into 17 streams or 'Parjyay'. This book was then incorporated into the academic curriculum of Dakshinee and remains so till date. It serves to give students a detailed theoretical background to Rabindrasangeet and prevents it from being regarded as a mere inchoate body of songs.

Since 1948 till 1970 on the occasion of every cultural programme organized and hosted by Dakshinee, it has taken out a literary supplement that has had many informative articles of great literary value. The most notable issues were brought out in 1961 to commemorate Tagore's birth centenary in 1973, on the occasion of Dakshinee's silver jubilee, and in 1998 for its Golden Jubilee.

In 2008, Dakshinee published a special edition on the occasion of its Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Gramophone Records, Cassettes and audio CDs :

In the '50s and '60s when recording companies were not as numerous as they are today, the leading ones of the time, viz., HMV, MEGAPHONE and HINDUSTAN RECORDS came forward to record for both Dakshinee as a team and individual artistes who were its students. Among them are :

The subsequent decades saw a boom in the number of recording companies among which Sound Wing, HMV-SAREGAMA and P&M Records brought out cassettes and CDs both for individual singers from Dakshinee and of winners of the 'Dakshinee Puroskar'. Among the Dakshinee artistes were :